9/11 Memorial Fundraising and Creation

Decatur 9/11 Memorial
The I-Beam awarded fits well with the originally accepted 9/11 Decatur proposed Memorial.  The 13.5 foot long I-Beam will be incorporated in a scuplture that appears to look like the Twin Towers during the day.  Close up the sides of the towers will have the appearance of flames at the bottom transforming into doves flying high into the sky.  Inside the casing of the beams will have the I-Beam from teh Twin Towers in one and a new I-Beam in the second tower.  The beams will be lit:  red at the bottom to represent fire flames (a place where people can touch the beam will see their hands turn red as they touch the beam) and rising to white with the flight of the doves - from something bad comes something good.  The inscription of this memorial will be:  "We Remember, We Rebuild, We Become Stronger"
This Twin Tower representation will be on a pentagon base representing the Pentagon attack.  The concrete at the base will be red at 9 and 3 o'clock representing Flight 93.  It will be almost 30 feet tall on Decatur's shoreline.  Around the sculpture will be benches for resting and reflecting.  
Proposed Budget of Decatur 9/11 Memorial*

9/11 Memorial Sculpture:
LED lighting = $5,000
Metal Fabrication = $20,000
Electrical wiring = $10,000
Excavating = $30,000
Concrete = $50,000

Civil Engineering for gounds surrounding Memorial:
Site Clearing = $5,000
General ecavation = $5,000
Grading general area = $5,000
Placing Formwork and Reinforcement for Concrete = $5,000
Installing electrical lines = $5,000
Pouring concrete = $50,000
Granite coverings, Benches and Bricks = $50,000

*Not exact figures - working with Engineering to get more specific amounts based on new drawings.

Fundraising Committee
The Decatur 9/11 Fundraising Committe consisits of volunteers from the community who have a passion for what the 9/11 Memorial represents.  
These members include Storm Edwards with Cromwell Radio Group, Debbie Coziahr of Coziahr Davidson, Brian Cleary from the City of Decatur Police Department, Jeff Scheibly from the Macon County Sheriff's Department, Mike Irwin of the Masonic Free Runners, Lyle Meador from the Decatur Fire Department and Chris Brodnicki of the Decatur Civic Center
Since we still are trying to meet our goal; we welcome anyone willing to help with this goal!
Decatur 9/11 Memorial Creators

The creators of the memorial started with a sketch and ideas from Peter Smith-Philips.  Ethan Lourash created a logo for our Memorial.  These have transformed to the images now of the balsa wood model and the google up sketches done by Mary Cave and others from Chastain & Associates.  Brett McClelland leads a VERY talented group including Brett Cummins of EL Pruitt, Shane Austin with the IBEW#146, and Steve Knowles from S & S who is creating several steel pieces that will be incorporated in the Memorial.  

Fundraising Events
Please Show Your Support - Attend Events - Enjoy Yourself - Please Give Generously!!!

Raffle for a Flight on a WWII Training Plane on the Day of the Dedication!!!

Ageless Aviation Dreams has donated a flight on the day of our 9/11 Decatur Memorial!  
Raffle ticket prices are:  
1 for $20 and 3 for $50
This will be an AWESOME ride!
Call 422-3913  - Lauren for Details

Thank You Oakwood Tattoo for 2 Incredible fundraising events!

Thank you Decatur for an Incredible Planting Pride fundraising Event!

 Red Tulips will be planted at the entrance of the  Decatur 911 Memorial!